AVIS DE PASSAGE: “Il tempo consuma” di Michele Sambin in mostra a Marsiglia (2021)

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Friche la Belle de Mai

Tour 5 Floor – 41 rue Jobin – 3

November 12, 2021 to February 13, 2021

Vernissage Friday, 12 at 05.00pm

The avis de passage (delivery notice) that we sometimes find pinned on our door tells us that a rendez-vous was missed out but, in the meantime, it gives us another chance. The future is taking its revenge on the past. Finally, this is what art is, delivery notices of our transit on earth, like traces left behind us rather than attached meanings or messages. To create this exhibition, we started by following the poet and philosopher Walter Benjamin and his book Passagen-Werke (Arcades Project). It was after illegally crossing to Spain to flee the horror of the nazi camps in September1940, that he lost his last manuscripts and he took his life. The route of exile criss-crossing of yesterday and today. The hypothesis that was used as a roadmap for this exhibition, was that the keystone accessing the passages are the loving, poetic and revolutionary passions. And this is how we invite you to navigate among these art works in transit, without a goal, being open to the unexpected. Every passage contains red herrings. We must be wary of the signs. Do not enter this labyrinth without desire.

Il tempo consuma (1978-2021) / Michele Sambin (Italy)

In 1978, I realised Il tempo consuma, setting the video on a loop thanks to a process I had just invented. In 1980, for the show Camere incantate in the Palazzo Reale in Milano, I created an installation presenting a series of videos realised with the same method of loops. In 2021, using news technologies to adapt them, I create a new immersive installation with the historical video. A technical-poetic digression from analogue to digital.

“Michele Sambin: Arché/Techne” is a project by Cineclub Canudo (www.cineclubcanudo.it), supported by the Italian Council (9th Edition, 2020), program to promote Italian contemporary art in the world by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture. Arché/Téchne is a tribute to Michele Sambin, a total artist, who crossed the different fields of creativity making the minter act with each other: from painting to drawing, from cinema to video, from theatre to music. A solitary experimenter, against the tide, ahead of his time, whose brilliant intuitions make him a pioneer in the field of video art. The focus of this project is on the work Il tempo consuma, proposed for the first time as alive performance in 1978 and later as a video installation with the videoloop technique.

Friday, November 12

02.00pm – A pre-opening conversation with some of the artists who exhibit:

Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Robert Cahen, Renaud Vercey, Olivier Moulaï, Pascale Pilloni, Jean-Paul Fargier, Ornic’art, Richard Skryzak, Michele Sambin…

06.00pm (Tour 5th floor) – Opening of the exhibition “Avis de passages”

07.30pm: Encounter with some of the artists who exhibit, Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Renaud Vercey, Olivier Moulaï, Pascale Pilloni, Jean-Paul Fargier, RichardSkryzak, Michele Sambin…

09.00pm – A tribute to Michele Sambin

Più de la vità (73’16 – 2020) / Raffaella Rivi, with Michele Sambin and Pierangela Allegro (Italy), in the presence of the director. Followed by an encounter with Michele Sambin.


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