Il Cineclub Canudo al 34 FESTIVAL LES INSTANTS VIDÉO (2021)



Since 1988, the festival Les Instants Vidéo is an event dedicated to video,digital and poetic arts (monobands, installations, performances, multimedia…).It takes place every November in Marseilles Friche la Belle de Mai , but either before or after,we act in concert with partners to organise the festival stopovers in otherspaces in Marseille, the Region…and abroad. We like to name the wholestopovers a poetronic constellation. There is no competition, the entrance is open and free, as well as the call for participation open from January to June. Itis all together a festival and a laboratory where international renowned artistsand works of arts can meet with works that are more fragiles, still in progress,delicates.This edition is special as it will be the last one to be artistically run by thefounder of the festival, Marc Mercier. The festival will be the threshold ofanother era an experience born 34 years ago.

From November 3, to February, 13 you are invited to follow us in our local andinternational itinerary: exhibitions, screening programs, performances,encounters.

The Festival will take place this year

in Marseille:

  • Ephemeral Popular Galleries Hotel Le Ryad (, ADPEI, & SARA in Marseille – November, 4 to February, 13
  • Videodrome ( 2 (49 cours Julien,13006) – November, 5 (06.00pm)
  • IMFRTS (Institut Méditerranée de Formation et Recherche enTravail social) (13 rue Chappe, 13004) – November, 9
  • Friche la Belle de Mai, for the international encounters – November 10 to 13

and for the exhibition – November, 12 to February, 13

in Aix-en-Provence:

  • School of Art (Rue EmileTavan) – November, 3(

and further away:

  • Quebec, Le Lieu, Centre en art actuel – September, 9 to 18
  • Italia, Milan, [.BOX] Videoart project space – November, 10 to 25
  • On line, Visual Container TV ( – Novembre, 10 to December, 1
  • Morocco, Casablanca, FIAV (Video art Festival of Casablanca) – November, 23 to 27
  • Argentina, Buenos-Aires, Video Bardo Festival – November, 25 toDecember 3


All the festival is accessible to people with reduced mobility. We try our best towelcome you. Please contact us if you wish to prepare your visit. For groups, we offer a conversation tour of our exhibition. Get in touch to bookyours with Tiffanie Taveau:

A sustainable approach

Since quite long now, the festival is engaged in a sustainable and inclusiveapproach: local and responsible suppliers, waste sorting, environmentalfootprint reduction (eco-friendly and public transportation), an integratedcommunication and an “Imprim’Vert” certifi ed printer, the use of bio-degradableor recyclable materials (plates, cutlery…).

In the same spirit, there is no VIP service, nor competition between artists….

Our commitment in term of ecology is just a part of larger effort in favour of aHuman sustainable developpement: it follows the ethical, politicaland poetical commitment that is also guiding our aesthetic choices as well asthe kind of relations we want to weave with our «audiences», our partners andwithin our association.

To meet us

Friche Belle de Mai

Pedestrian entrance: 41 rue Jobin – 13003 Marseille

Bus: lines n°49 et n°52, stop Belle de Mai La Friche

After 8pm: bus 582, from Canebière-Bourse station,every 40 minutes. Last departure from La Friche around midnight.

Bicycle station 2321 at the entrance

Car park: rue Francois Simon – 13003 Marseille




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